Inpatient Rehab in Irvington, NJ

Inpatient rehab in Irvington provides a safe environment for people struggling with addiction to begin the recovery process. The objective of treatment is to teach recovering addicts effective tools and skills to manage urges and cravings so they have a better chance of preserving a clean and sober lifestyle into the future.

An inpatient rehab treatment facility provides 24-hour supervision and monitoring that can be crucial during the early stages of recovery. Detox is the first stage in recovery and can cause unpleasant physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms in some people.

Depending on the type of drug being taken, some symptoms associated with withdrawal can be potentially life-threatening and require emergency medical assistance. Choosing to complete the detox process under medical supervision provides safety and security for the recovering person, as medical staff can administer prescription medications that alleviate or relieve the worst of any withdrawal symptoms that emerge.

Our drug detox in Irvington works to break the body's physical dependency on drugs or alcohol. However, it does nothing to address the psychological triggers behind self-destructive behaviors associated with addictive substance abuse.

Specialized inpatient rehab in Irvington combines a range of therapies and treatments that work to identify each person's unique addiction triggers. Therapy also begins to replace dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs with healthy coping skills and mechanisms for living a productive life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab programs are comprehensive treatment plans designed to help people overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Patients are required to reside at the rehab treatment facility for the duration of treatment, which allows them to focus fully on the recovery process without distractions or temptations from outside influences.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Last?

The length of time a person might stay in inpatient rehab in Irvington can differ based on various factors. Some treatment programs might be as short as 30 days, while others might extend for up to 90 days. In some cases, comprehensive treatment programs can last for as long as 6 or 9 months.

Recovering from addiction is a life-long process, but the initial treatment is a crucial factor. Admittance into an inpatient rehab treatment facility can help improve outcomes and make it possible for the recovering person to learn the tools and skills needed to maintain sobriety over the long term.

Who Needs Treatment in an Inpatient Rehab Center?

Anyone struggling to break free from the grip of drug or alcohol addiction can benefit from seeking help in an inpatient rehab treatment facility.

Inpatient treatment programs can also be highly beneficial for anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to stop using drugs or alcohol through an outpatient rehab center. While outpatient treatment programs can provide the structure and therapy needed to help some people, the option of residing at a residential rehab center for the duration of treatment is situationally beneficial.

Benefits of Seeking Treatment in our Inpatient Rehab in Irvington, NJ

There are many benefits for seeking treatment for addiction in an inpatient rehab in Irvington. Choosing to reside at an inpatient rehab treatment facility provides a safe, drug-free environment away from people and places associated with substance abuse. As the person is in a therapeutic environment away from normal triggers, the temptation to return to a pattern of substance abuse is removed, which allows the person to focus completely on the recovery process.

Each patient has the advantage of receiving around-the-clock supervision and monitoring, which is ideal for those who are at risk of developing potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Some patients may be given prescription medications to help reduce the worst of any symptoms associated with the withdrawal process.

Addiction treatment specialists tailor individual inpatient rehab programs to suit every patient's unique needs. Comprehensive treatment programs use a combination of behavioral therapies and counseling sessions put together in a structured format to improve likely outcomes.

Throughout therapy sessions, recovering people have the opportunity to learn healthy ways to manage cravings and reduce symptoms of stress associated with the recovery process. Counseling also works to teach patients strong new coping skills for living a productive life without the need for drugs or alcohol.

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