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Addiction treatment programs in Irvington are designed to provide therapy and treatment for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Many people think rehab treatment programs in Irvington are where people struggling with substance abuse go to detox.

What those people may not realize is that detox is just the first step on the journey to recovery. Detox on its own does nothing to treat the underlying causes behind addictive behaviors.

Drug addiction treatment programs use a combination of therapies, counseling sessions and group support classes to address damaging beliefs and self-destructive attitudes associated with compulsive substance abuse. Programs incorporate education about the nature of addiction and focus on teaching each person healthy new skills for coping with stress and urges without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs also teach recovering people to develop their own relapse prevention programs around their unique addiction triggers. Relapse prevention programs strive to help recovering addicts avoid high-risk situations and maintain long-term sobriety.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy incorporates a range of different therapy models intended to address the psychological triggers behind addictive behavior. Treatment may be given in an inpatient or outpatient setting, depending on each patient's individual needs.

Inpatient drug addiction treatment programs involve admitting the person into a residential rehab facility for the duration of treatment. The person receives 24-hour monitoring and supervision throughout the process of drug detox in Irvington and is required to attend structured counseling and therapy sessions.

By comparison, outpatient addiction treatment programs allow the recovering person to return home each day, which is ideal for those with work or family commitments. However, the patient is still required to attend scheduled counseling and therapy sessions.

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

Commonly used addiction treatment programs in Irvington include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychotherapy treatment used to identify and change self-destructive patterns of thinking, replacing them with more positive attitudes and beliefs.

Motivational interviewing: Motivational interviewing is a specific type of therapy intended to trigger self-directed change in recovering people and encourage motivation to change.

Motivational incentives: contingency management and motivational incentives provide rewards for recovering people who achieve desired results, such as remaining clean and sober. In order for the rewards to have meaning, there also needs to be realistic disciplinary measures, such as withholding privileges if the person shows undesirable results or behaviors.

Group support meetings: 12-step programs and group support meetings offer an opportunity for people to interact with peers facing similar challenges associated with addiction recovery. Group meetings don't provide formal treatment, but they are a valuable source of education, support and information about staying clean and sober.

Types of Addiction Therapy

Aside from having access to formal addiction treatment programs in Irvington, many drug rehab centers also provide access to a range of alternative and holistic therapies.

The objective of holistic addiction treatment programs is to provide healthy ways to manage cravings and reduce symptoms of stress. Some common alternative addiction therapies might include:

Art therapy: Art therapy offers a healthy way to express thoughts and opinions in a non-verbal format. Art therapy can encompass painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, music, drama or dance.

Restorative yoga: The slow, gentle poses and postures used in yoga trigger the body's natural release of endorphins and dopamine, creating a natural feel-good sensation. At the same time, controlled breathing techniques induce a sense of calmness and relaxation that are helpful for managing stress levels and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Equine or animal therapy: Spending time with a horse or other animal in a therapeutic setting can help reduce tension and stress at the same time as improving mood. Studies show that interacting with animals can trigger the body's natural response to release oxytocin, which is the body's ‘bonding' hormone.

Which is the Right Treatment Program for You?

Not everyone will respond to treatments and therapies in the same way. The key to developing the right addiction treatment programs is to assess each person individually. The type of drug being taken, the length of use, the severity of the addiction, and the presence of any co-existing mental health disorders are all considered.

Treatment programs in Irvington are tailored to incorporate the right combination of therapies and treatments to suit each person's needs. Throughout the treatment process, treatment modules are assessed and adjusted to ensure the patient achieves the desired results.

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