How Can Drug Detox Change Your Life

Find out How Can Drug Detox Change Your Life

Drug detox is typically the first step in recovery from drug addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, medical detoxification is the process of safely managing the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with abstaining from drug use. This line of treatment allows individuals to completely detoxify their bodies of all substances and toxins, while readily preparing individuals to transition into their next line of treatment. Although drug and alcohol detox is an effective approach in starting recovery from addiction, this treatment alone has little to no power in change in long term drug use and drug using behaviors. Nonetheless, successfully completing a medical drug detox is a strong precursor to further engaging in addiction treatment. At our Irvington drug detox center we encourage and readily prepare our clients to transition into drug rehab treatment.

Stages of Drug Detox

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services there are three steps in the process of drug detox. The threes steps include:

  • Evaluation: In this step individuals are assessed to help determine which substances are currently in their system and the amount. Individuals are also evaluated by clinicians to observe for any co-occurring disorders, dual diagnoses, and any mental health issues.
  • Stabilization: In this step individuals are assisted through the detox process; this is typically done with medications. During tis time individuals are also provided with guidance in relation to what to expect during their recovery process.
  • Guiding Patient into Treatment: This final step in the detox process readily prepares individuals to transition into the next stage of their recovery process. Typically, during this stage individuals are strongly encouraged to enroll in rehab at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

Once a person has undergone these three steps, they have successfully completed drug and alcohol detox and are ready for a smooth transition into drug rehab treatment.

The Biggest Benefit of Drug and Alcohol Detox

The biggest benefit of enrolling in a drug and alcohol detox is the assurance of your safety during your process of withdrawal. It is strongly recommended to always seek professional help when making the choice to abstain from using drugs and/or alcohol. Attempting to detox "cold turkey" can be very dangerous, especially if you have a severe use problem. The symptoms associated withdrawal can vary from mild to severe, and can even be deadly in some instances. As a result, undergoing a medical detox is highly recommended to ensure safety. There are other benefits associated with undergoing drug and alcohol detox. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 medical supervision to help with any emergencies that may arise
  • Ease the comfort of symptoms of withdrawal
  • The opportunity to completely cleanse the body of all substances and toxins
  • A stepping stone for getting started on your path to recovery
  • Lowered risk of continued drug use
  • A caring and supportive network to help guide you through the withdrawal process

These are just some of the many benefits of drug and alcohol detox. You can started with reaping these benefits by making the brave choice to get started at an Irvington drug detox center.

Keep Your Recovery Going After Drug and Alcohol Detox

Always keep in mind that although detox is a vital part of the recovery process, it is not the only step you should take in recovering from addiction. Drug and alcohol detox isn't capable of addressing the psychological factors which influence drug use and drug using behaviors. Therefore, although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to enter into a drug and addiction treatment center immediately following completion of drug and alcohol detox.

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